A Simple Solution
Our Aluminium Sulphate is used to provide millions of people across Nigeria with safe, clean drinking water.

Aluminium Sulphate Production Facilities

Our aluminium sulphate is manufactured using an efficient and high yield system, with a low carbon footprint, resulting in a superior class of product, which millions of people across the country rely on to consume safe drinking water.

The final product is produced via a series of exothermic reactions and evaporation processes, using a combination of aluminium ore (bauxite) and sulphuric acid, which is manufactured in-house.

We achieve this high standard of final product (Grade 1 with a minimum alumina content of 17%) by paying close attention to every part of an expansive production process.

The batch process runs on a continuous made - to - stock basis, 24 hours a day, all year round.

From the point of batch preparation to final packing, there are seventeen different quality tests conducted by our in - house QA division, to ensure the parameters meet our impeccable standards.

Production Process Outline

Providing clean water and preventing disease

Our Aluminium Sulphate is an essential tool in modern utility infrastructure, helping to provide sanitary water treatment across Nigeria.