Creating Industrial Excellence
A philosophy that permeates everything we do. Which is why we consistently hold the highest accreditation for quality in the industry.
Trusted By Millions
We help Nigerian authorities to provide clean drinking water to millions of people across the nation.
Building A Brighter Future
Established in 1986, Drury is a shining example of self-reliance. We strive to contribute our own success to the future of the economy.
Caring For Our Environment
Our raw materials suppliers undergo rigorous testing to ensure their quality, and our systems are some of the most efficient in the world.


Drury Industries is a pioneering manufacturer of aluminium sulphate and sulphuric acid.


We combine the power of chemistry and technological innovation to create sustainable products.
High Quality

High Quality

Drury Industries holds the highest accreditation for product quality in the industry.


We maintain exceptionally high standards of human resource development & employment generation.

Learn about our unparalleled dedication to quality

Nigeria has set its benchmark for quality standards of aluminium sulphate from Drury and our products are entrusted with millions of human lives. That's why we hold the highest accreditations for quality.

Our Products

  • Sulphuric Acid (98.5% conc.)

    Our sulphuric acid is produced at the commercial grade of 98.5%, which is central to a countless number of manufacturing and product refinement processes. The applicability of sulphuric acid to so many industries is due to its unique chemical properties and capabilities. Using our dedicated advanced manufacturing facilities, and large scale distribution network, we serve the needs of thousands of businesses and facilities, across the West Coast of Africa.
    Sulphuric Acid
  • Aluminium Sulphate

    We produce Grade 1 aluminium sulphate, with an alumina content of 17.5% (the highest standard in the industry), which is the most efficient flocculating agent available today in treating drinking and waste water. Our aluminium sulphate is used by majority of government operated water treatment facilities across Nigeria, and we are recognised as the leader in the industry, entrusted with the responsibility providing for clean and safe drinking water, for millions of people across the country.
    Aluminium Sulphate

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